Someone once said: “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. This saying perfectly applies to online gambling: you may have long and profitable career as a player, but it all starts with a simple registration process. Many online casinos use unnecessarily complicated registration forms, which are particularly confusing to new players. Intertops Casino has an efficient and minimum-fuss approach to the registration of new players with the process rarely taking more than a few minutes. Newcomers who wish to open an account at the casino need only fill out a couple of simple online forms and are then set to go and enjoy all the great games that Intertops offers.


If you visit, you will notice the very first tab in the top menu, which invites you to “Download!” the casino client. It is recommendable to do so. A good portion of Intertops’ games have an “Instant play” feature, which allows players to enjoy them directly in their web browsers. This provides players with the freedom to access some of the top games from any computer with an Internet connection. However, to be able to get the complete experience that Intertops offers, you should download the client. It will not take you more than a couple of minutes to download (the file size is only 1.5 MB) and install the program and the benefits are substantial. For starters, you will get access to all the games Intertops has to offer and not just those that have the “Instant play” feature. Apart from that, you will be able to enjoy a more stable performance and better sound and graphic effects.


Coupons or bonus codes are commonly used by online casinos. Using such codes players can claim bonuses, which are amongst the sweetest treats of the online gambling experience. Typically you can use an activation code for a bonus when making a new deposit and as long as you meet the specific requirements, you can claim your bonus. Nothing feels better than an extra boost to your account!

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