Welcome to Intertops Casino’s fabulous collection of online pokies. There is a game for everyone, no matter what your skill level or preference. We have blended together a mix of traditional, modern, European and American online slots, to make sure that all our bases are covered. Perfect for the experienced and novice alike, we can assure you that the fun will be limitless.

If you are new to online slots, then take a glimpse below to see a snippet of pokie games long standing history.





Slots date back to the late 1800s when the first slot machine was invented. One of the nice things about slots compared to other casino games is that the original machine is not a far cry from the games we play today – you are literally stepping back in time! As the original machine was designed in America, the symbols were a classic mixture of American tradition and classic poker cards and you would find the Liberty Bell spinning alongside diamonds. Originally a 5-reel machine, the game became a very popular alternative to poker and is still considered as such today.

Much like Roulette and Poker, Slots machine rules and play settings did rely on what country you were playing in. In Europe, fruit machines became a popular choice in the 1900s, incorporating 4 and even 3 reel versions and thus creating the classic games we are used to today.


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Pokies (or slots) are the most widely played casino games globally, in both the physical and virtual world. With their outcomes determined by chance, pokies appeal to players with little or no experience in casino gaming. However, they have also become more popular with professional poker players who want to build their strategies.

The benefit of modern online pokies is the freedom they give you: you can play, eat and drink whenever you want, no one is going to steal your seat or try to charge you extortionate amounts for a drink – you have the thrill and enjoyment of pokies without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

At Intertops Casino, you can start your pokies online experience by selecting at your leisure from our vast collection of games. Plus, we offer the option of playing in practice mode, which we call “Play for Fun”. This version is free so that you can get a grip of the basics of pokies online in an enjoyable risk-free environment.



“You know what I like most about Las Vegas? You can be whoever you want to be”

(21, 2008)




The great thing about pokies is that the simplicity of the game only enhances it – you never know what your next spin may bring. There are bonus features, such as Free Spins, big cash prizes or even the jackpot of your dreams. All these outcomes are possible every time you spin the reels; that is what makes slots online so exciting, you never know what is coming next.


Here at Intertops we offer you the chance to play our 3 to 5 reel machines, and their popularity is easy to see. If you enjoy some simple, speedy fun, then have a go on one of our 3 reel games. The jackpots are smaller but the odds are better for you. However, if you love a challenge with heart stopping finales then grasp onto a 5 reel machine and have the chance to win BIG! The great thing about playing slots online is that the simplicity of the games means they are perfect when you want to take a break from some high pressure gaming such as poker and Blackjack. However, you will not be disappointed with the nail biting spins.



Pokies are known for their high payouts relative to other types of online casino games. For example, the highest payout you can hope for in roulette is 36 times your bet, whereas on the pokies the payouts for hitting a rare combination can reach several hundreds or even thousands times your bet on a particular payline.

Most online pokies feature ‘local jackpots’ confined to a particular playing session, which increases every time a game is played. However, some pokies games have a progressive jackpot which connects thousands of players, all of them contributing to a single jackpot. With so many players working together, such jackpots can easily run into large figures before being struck, and all that cash can be won by one lucky player at any moment.





Due to popular demand a huge number of varied online pokie games have been created. Here at Intertops Casino you can find a massive selection of pokies online; over one hundred in total and each with its own distinctive theme, appearance, style and features. With such variety you are sure to find the perfect game.

We offer our online slots in two main groups, classic and video, which in turn branch out into smaller categories. The main difference between the two types is the number of reels and paylines. Classic pokies feature three reels and (in most cases) a single payline, whereas video pokies have five reels and multiple paylines. Our classic games capture the look and spirit of the mechanical slot machines of a bygone era and we have video pokies with up to 88 paylines.

With such a rich variety of game types, visual themes and bonus features, together with the new games which Intertops Casino releases on a regular basis, players are guaranteed that first-time visitors and pokies veterans alike will always have plenty of options for quality online entertainment.


“First prize at the World Series of Poker is a million bucks. Does it have my name on it? I don’t know. But, I’m gonna find out” (Rounders 1998)




One of the most attractive aspects of online pokies are the bonus features, side games which are usually triggered when a specific requirement is met. For example, you may need to hit a certain number of special symbols or strike the triggering symbol on a particular reel. Common to all of these bonus games is that they feature some kind of additional award for players; in some instances it is free spins; with others, the chance to improve a winning combination; or you could be given a credit prize.

At Intertops Casino we include fresh and innovative bonus features in our online pokie games that enhance the overall gaming experience and reward players for their efforts. To keep you on your toes, along with the Free Spins features, you will often find other bonus games such as racing mini games, puzzles and ‘pick an object’ games.



If you were looking for the number one place to play pokies online, then look no further than right here at Intertops Casino. As a pioneer of online gaming, we know how to provide a stellar online pokies experience. Whether you have downloaded the client interface or prefer ‘instant play’ mode, you will find everything you need: a vast number of superior quality games, enticing gameplay, high payouts and huge jackpots.

So what are you waiting for, spin the reels today and you could be the next BIG winner.

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