shutterstock_78819490Welcome to the Roulette section at Intertops Online Casino! This game of luck, chance and forward thinking, is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and for good reason too. There are many different ways to play, and win, whether you’re brand new to the game or a pro. We will help you learn the ropes, discover the history behind this incredible casino game and find out some fascinating facts along the way. It won’t be long before you’re a regular at one of our fast paced, exciting and realistic online roulette tables!



How to play online roulette

There are many different types of roulette, but all have the same principle in mind; bet on where the ball is going to land on the wheel. French and European roulette wheels have 37 slots (36 numbers and one 0) and American roulette wheels have 38 slots (36 numbers, one 0 and one 00). If you’ve never played online roulette before, then here is our quick start guide:

  • Choose your bet amount. Each differently colored chip represents a different bet amount, so you can pick how much you want to place on the table. Bet amounts vary between $1 and $50!


  • Pick your bet. There are plenty of ways to bet in roulette, whether it be just one number, a color (red or black), a group of numbers and more! We will go through the different types of roulette bets below.


  • Spin the wheel. Once you have your chips exactly where you want them, it’s time to hit Spin! The wheel will start spinning and the ball will bounce in between the different sections.


  • Collect your winnings! If you were lucky enough to bet on the right number, color, or group, then you can collect your winnings. You can then repeat the same bet, remove your chips from the table or add more chips to bet. shutterstock_126124028


When you play roulette online at Intertops Casino, you’ll be surprised how quickly the time passes! This is a very fast paced game, and is one of the reasons it is so popular with those who love casino games based on luck, chance and experience. Playing a few times ‘for fun’ without any real cash is a great way to get used to the game, and the way that the betting works. Before long you’ll be placing bets at the table like a professional!

Roulette betting

There are many different types of bets you can place at the roulette table, so it is important to have a good idea what they all are. You don’t necessarily need to remember every single possible bet combination, as we’ve made it pretty easy with our online roulette games. You’ll find that just hovering your mouse over sections of the roulette board will give you a whole range of different combinations. There are two main types of betting; inside and outside. Once you’ve had a good look through these, go put your knowledge to the test!



Inside bets:

One number bet – The highest payouts are from one number bets, because they have the toughest odds!

Two numbers bet (split) – Place your mouse in between the two numbers, to place your chips there.

Three numbers bet (street) – Three number combinations can be made by placing your bets at the end of the ‘street’ or row.

Four numbers bet (corner) – The corner is a popular inside bet, which can be placed by putting your chips on the corner of all 4 numbers.

Five numbers bet – You can do this in a number of ways, normally a corner and a one number bet, or a street and a split.

Six numbers bet (line) – A whole line of the roulette table is your six numbers bet; just place your chips on the end of a column, or line.




Outside bets:

Red or black – Quite possibly the most popular bet in a game of roulette. Place your betting chips on the red or black diamonds, on the table.

Odds or evens – Another extremely popular bet, and easy to see where on the roulette table!

First 12 – Highlighted on the board as 1st 12, from 1-12

Middle 12 – Highlighted on the board as 2nd 12, from 13-24

Last 12 – Highlighted on the board as 3rd 12, from 25-36

Low bet – The numbers 1-18, as found on the left of the roulette table

High bet – The numbers 19-36, as found on the right of the roulette table


Outside bets have better odds at winning, because most of them have a 50/50 chance, or just less. However, you will get less of a payout for an outside bet, then you will for an inside bet! The larger the group of numbers you bet on, the easier it is to win, and the lower your payout. When you hover your mouse over a particular betting section, you’ll see your odds in a little box above the number. This makes it a lot easier to play online roulette at Intertops Casino, and means you don’t have to remember all of the combinations!




The history of the ‘small wheel’ game

Why are we calling it the ‘small wheel’ game? Well, roulette originated in France sometime in the 17th Century, and the word actually means small wheel. There is some dispute as to who actually invented the roulette wheel, and the fight still goes on between Blaise Pascal and the Blanc Brothers. An old legend says that Francois Blanc made a deal with the devil, to obtain the secrets of roulette, which is why all of the numbers on the wheel add up to 666. Whether you believe that or not, roulette is one of the oldest and best loved casino games in the world.

Roulette was transported from France (where gambling was illegal) to Germany, and then throughout the rest of Europe. It wasn’t long before America got hold of this casino classic, and added an extra 0 to the wheel. This gave the casino (or house) more of an edge against players, unlike the European or French roulette wheel, which is seen as fairer. Fast forward hundreds of years later and online roulette is still one of the most popular casino games ever! We love roulette at Intertops Casino, and hope you will join us at the tables soon.



Roulette fascinating facts

Ever wanted to be the one person who knew far too much about casino games? Well, you’re in luck! Here are some pretty fascinating facts about roulette, that your friends would love to hear (over and over again).


  • The marker used on a roulette table, for the winning roulette chips, is called a dolly. Ever wondered why? Well it’s partly because it looks like a doll, and also because one definition of dolly is ‘a small piece of wood placed on the head of a pile to prevent damage’. The damage being someone touching the winning chips, perhaps?


  • Online roulette in Australia is the third most popular casino game! Beaten only by pokies and craps, apparently. It also has one of the highest odds of any casino game, especially with the inside bets.


  • There are no betting systems known to actually beat the roulette wheel, currently, as the wheel has no memory! Every time the wheel is spun, the odds are reset. This means you could have 100 red spins in a row, without a black in sight.


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